Spectrum Inventory - Informative Documentation

Notes on non-regulatory information for spectrum inventory purposes and the evolution of spectrum use, available in EFIS.

Guidance to support searches for information on spectrum inventory documentation and the evolution of spectrum use.

Spectrum inventory - informative - documentation types in EFIS (1-4 and 6 are linked to the ECA (European Common Allocations Table), 5 is uploaded by national administrations)

  1. ECC-ECO

  2. ETSI SRDocs

  3. Draft ETSI SRDocs

  4. EU

  5. National

  6. Third Parties

Users can search for information by selecting frequency range and/or application. It is also possible to select several document types by selecting the the 'All documents' option.


This document type includes ECC or ECO documents with relevant information about current usage of one or several frequency bands, or expected future usage. The information is contained in documents such as CEPT questionnaire summaries and assessments, dedicated frequency band reviews, official ECC or ECO deliverables or external/public domain ECC/ECO documentation. Other information about application usage scenarios and usage densities may also be found in published ECC Reports.

ETSI System Reference Documents (SRDoc) and Draft SRDoc

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for co-operation exists between ETSI and the CEPT Electronic Communications Committee (ECC). One purpose of the MoU is to ensure that ECC and ETSI deliverables do not contradict each other: ETSI produces System Reference documents (ETSI SRDocs) - ECC carries out sharing studies.

Results of these sharing studies should be mutually acceptable and implemented consistently by both parties in ECC deliverables and ETSI Harmonised European Standards.

If there is a sharing or compatibility problem or when a new spectrum allocation is required, then the originating ETSI technical group generates an SRDoc describing the RF characteristics and any RF compatibility issues as detailed in ETSI EG 201 788. The information for CEPT (i.e. SRDoc, proposal, Liaison Statement) is coordinated within ETSI by ETSI TC ERM, which is responsible for interfacing with CEPT. TC ERM sends the resulting SRDoc to CEPT for consideration.

The ETSI SRDoc contained in EFIS may also include information about the market such as existing spectrum usage, current regulations, forecasted spectrum usage and a proposal for the future spectrum usage as well as regulation. Documents under document type ETSI SRdoc are already published by ETSI and sent to the CEPT.

The ETSI Draft SRDocs type includes ETSI SRDocs which are not published yet, but exist as adopted ETSI ERM Work Items or draft SRDocs. Stage 1 means that the status of the draft is that it has not been applied to the ETSI internal consultation yet. Stage 2 means that the draft SRDoc has already been in the ETSI internal consultation conducted by ETSI ERM.

Third Parties

This document type includes documents with relevant information from ECC MoU/LoU partners. These partners propose such documents to be uploaded into EFIS to the ECO. When agreed, ECO will upload the information.

ECC-ETSI-EC brochure

The ECC and the ETSI, with support from the European Commission, have jointly produced this brochure which provides an introduction to the regulatory environment in Europe for radio equipment and spectrum and some key information for newcomers. ETSI-ECC related information can be found here.

National Spectrum Inventory Information

National administrations may have additional information of a non-regulatory nature on the possible evolution of spectrum use under study in their country. Such information is contained in the National spectrum inventory document type.

If you have a question related to spectrum inventory information, please contact: Robin Donoghue.