ECA Table


In order to develop European common positions and proposals for use in the framework of international and regional bodies, and to forward plan and harmonise within Europe the efficient use of the radio spectrum and satellite orbits so as to satisfy the requirements of users and industry, the CEPT endorsed in 2002 the principle of adopting a harmonised European Table of Frequency Allocations and Applications to establish a strategic framework for the utilisation of the radio spectrum in Europe. After a detailed review in 2010 of the key principles defining the ECA Table, WG FM concluded at its meeting in February 2011 that the Table should essentially deliver information on the current situation, although some future oriented information could still be maintained for some specific frequency bands.

The task of developing and maintaining this Table is the responsibility of the Working Group Frequency Management (WG FM). Much of this work is carried out by the European Communications Office (ECO) on behalf of WG FM.

European Table of Frequency Allocations and Applications in EFIS

A European Table of Frequency Allocations and Applications for the frequency range 8.3 kHz to 3000 GHz (the ECA Table) is provided in EFIS. It is included in the ERC Report 25 which is available here in pdf format. The ECA Table in EFIS also contains ECA footnotes relevant to the European allocation, an application, or the frequency band and ITU Radio Regulations footnotes for Region 1.

Other info linked to ECA

In addition to the actual ECA table of Allocations and Publications, a wealth of additional information is uploaded to the ECA table in EFIS in the form of documents: ECC Decision and Recommendations, RIS models, EC Decisions, Class 1 sub-class information, Harmonised Standards and, in the special Spectrum Inventory section, and linked to the ECA table, non-regulatory information on spectrum inventory and the evolution of spectrum use can be found in the form of documents such as ECC and CEPT Reports, ETSI SRDocs and Draft SRDocs.